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So why are we doing this? The answer: The MetroSquared Foundation Inc. was created to fulfill a dream. Here is the story: On January 30, 2011, my wife, Terri Tonsetic, and I had a conversation about our future and what we would do when we left the corporate world. Terri said that we should create a charitable foundation.  I liked the idea and told her that we have 5 years to find a cause for the foundation. That conversation was the last one that we had about our future. Later that day, I rushed her to the hospital and 25 days later she passed away.

Fast forward a few years and a very special person near and dear to me was diagnosed with brain cancer. After her surgery, I would take her to radiation, chemotherapy, rehabilitation and numerous doctor appointments. On the drive to these appointments, she would have me play the song “You Never Walk Alone” sung by Josh Groban. This song always gave her the strength and encouragement to get through that specific appointment. There were days when we were both totally exhausted from the day’s activities and appointments.  Unfortunately, the cancer took her life.

For me, those several months of caregiving had been very hard and yet rewarding at the same time and I would not have traded anything to not share them with her. At times, the caregiving was very difficult and I gained a greater appreciation for the special people that do this thankless responsibility every day.  Unknowingly, she provided me with the cause for the foundation that I was looking for to fulfill my wife’s dream.  I was privileged to have been a part of her life and will count the blessings and the inspiration for the rest of my life

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James Sagan




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