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The not-for-profit MetroSquared Foundation Inc. was created by members of the Sagan family to honor those that have taken care of family members during extended illness, humanitarian aid for military veterans, homeless children shelters and purchasing and forgiving medical debt.  The mission of the Foundation is to aid and assist those who need support and assistance in the various areas below. 

The Foundation raises funds to support these endeavors though various fund raising activities and generous donations from people like you. It’s because of the generosity of our donors that we’ve been able to enrich the lives of many people. MetroSquared Foundation Inc. is independently operated by its Board of Directors as a 501(c) (3) organization. All donations are tax deductible, as allowed by IRS guidelines.




104 E. Michigan Avenue #237

Lake Helen, FL 32744


(412) 654-2199


Areas of Focus


The Foundation works to assist families who are caring for a loved one by providing grants to the Caregivers. This program provides various means of assistance to the Caregivers to recognize them for the work that they do or did.


The Foundation continues to support the Terri Tonsetic Memorial Endowment Scholarship. Each year the scholarship is awarded to a nursing student who is pursuing a Bachelor degree in Nursing, specifically those students studying Flight Nursing, Critical Care, Emergency Nursing or Informatics.

Homeless Children's Shelters

The Foundation will support with financial contributions various organizations that provide shelter, organization and structure for abused, neglected and abandoned children so that those organizations can continue to provide the necessary support and care options. All children need a home to provide a sense of security and unconditional love.  Unfortunately, for many children, “home” is a place devoid of these necessities

Military Veterans 

The Foundation will work with the various Veteran’s organizations to recognize the services of military veterans. 

Medical Debt relief

The Foundation will help relieve a portion of medical debt thereby lessening the financial burden to the families that have incurred this debt.


Our goal within MetroSquared is to help those that have already helped others. We want to reward those that have gone above and beyond with their gracious efforts and personal sacrifices. Our focus is to create an impact for efforts that sometimes go unnoticed in today’s world.
— Robert Sagan, President


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