Where We've Helped

Below are a few of our grantees


Since our inception, the METROSQUARED FOUNDATION has sponsored an academic scholarship for student nurses. The Terri Tonsetic RN Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a nursing student studying Critical Care, Emergency Nursing, Flight Nursing and Informatics. The FOUNDATION was a vision of Terri Tonsetic and this endowment honors the life and legacy of a wonderful nurse who changed the many lives that she touched.  


The FOUNDATION has awarded a Grant to pay for the medical expenses of this family. This is the FIRST award that the FOUNDATION has made to relieve the stress and financial burden of medical debt that families have incurred. This family of Robert Banks had numerous unpaid medical bills for his treatment for pancreatic cancer. The METROSQUARED FOUNDATION is proud to assist those that need help with medical debt.


The MetroSquared Foundation has awarded a Grant to a single mother of 2 teenage girls. The oldest daughter has a rare genetic disease called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC). The purpose of the Grant was for the family to attend a conference on TSC in order to interact with doctors that specialize in TSC and with other parents who have to deal with the day to day realities of TSC. 

The MetroSquared Foundation has awarded a Grant to a husband, who provided care giving services for his wife until she passed away, while taking care of their young son and still working at his full time job.  The dedication this person made to his family is truly remarkable.

Friends House.jpg

The MetroSquared Foundation has awarded a Grant to A Friends House in Georgia. A Friend's House is a home for abused, neglected and abandoned children located in Henry County, Georgia. The mission of A Friend's House is to provide a home that addresses the physical and emotional needs of the children in the community. They have served over 1900 children since opening our doors in 1998.


The MetroSquared Foundation has awarded a Grant to an individual that gave up their home and job and moved to another city to take care of their mother full time. This person was on call full time to provide care giver services until their mother passed away. To make that kind of sacrifice takes an exceptional person to put their life on hold to take care of the parent that always took care of them.


The MetroSquared Foundation has awarded its first Grant to a caregiver. This caregiver is a retired mother taking care of her adult daughter who is fighting Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer. This caregiver transports her daughter to numerous doctor and chemotherapy appointments. She is also assisting in filing appeals after the insurance company has denied the necessary drugs and treatments as prescribed by her doctors. Additionally, she has been providing financial support for medical expenses all the while on a limited retirement income. This care giver exemplifies unconditional love by making numerous sacrifices by providing support and comfort to her daughter.